Trust And Consistent Behaviours

I recently had an epiphany.

Often people speak about “Trust” being central to any successful relationship. Upon appropriate maginication, I realised that trust is never gained or lost by a single incident. Like everything else, building trust needs consistent efforts.

And when I mean efforts, I don’t mean pour yourself to seek validation and all that jazz. It just boils down to two things

  1. You doing what you said you will do

  2. And doing that over a long period of time.

Just by doing these two things, anyone can become reliable. And reliability leads to trust.

Let me explain it with a two random examples

Image Credit: Randa

Starting a YT Channel

Say you want to make it big on YT. And you’ve been putting a video a week for over 3 years. Here’s how it would look

  1. The algorithms will trust you and promote your content more. Because you’ve done it for 3 years.

  2. Your newer subscribers will trust you that you will continue to add value if they subscribe (because you’ve done it for 3 years)

  3. You start trusting yourself, and that acts as a great intrinsic motivation lever ;)

At Work

Say you take up a big project every quarter (or month), and you keep shipping the projects with best efforts and intentions.

  1. Your manager and team starts to trust you. Even though some campaigns/projects bomb, they know that you have the company’s best intention in mind.

  2. They trust you with bigger projects when the opportunity arises

See the pattern? While sticking with “Being realiable” is sort of redundant and old school, it’s the simplest muscle to build.