Scarcity & Remembrance

How often do we go back to our camera rolls to check the 565+ pics we took in a vacation?

How often do we check the countless articles saved using our chrome extension tool?

How often do we call or text the countless contacts on our phone?

The answer to all this is- far fewer than what we could.

With abundance of storage, and ease of getting things done, we rarely attach value or emotion to these acts. Taking pictures, storing articles, and saving contacts have become mere acts without much emotional value.

Contrast this to the times when these were scarce.

We used to take pictures that meant something. Because camera rolls were expensive.

We used to read, and discuss articles, because our access to wide information was limited. We used to ‘memorise’ numbers of special ones.

This is not to say I’m against tech, and we should go back to stone age. Just trying to see if we can bring back the magic and joy of little things in this digital age.