Routines, Boredom & Flexibility

For most people routines are boring. And I for one hate the rigidity it brings into my day. This until I quit my previous job, and was in a little break.

After some reflections, wandering I really didn’t know what to do with my time.

And slowly but steadily the freedom became draining.

I was bogged down by

  1. What to do next?

  2. Constant effort in choosing my next project

  3. And burnt out with all the decision fatigue.

I set out to have a simple routine in the morning. Something that will just set up me for the day, and that’s not too taxing. And KA-BOOM I instantly start to feel better.

These routines have changed, have been altered, but I’ve constantly stuck to some kind of a morning and wind down routine. But then begs the question

How much routine is too much?

We never want to go overboard with our routines. Because they cause rigidity and boredom. And eventually we beat ourselves even if miss a day. I for one, don’t schedule every hour of the day.

I try to have a routine that gives me enough flexibility to try new things, yet gives me the predictability to my day.

Mornings: Wake up and just be, workout, breathing/meditation, read, meal preparation.

Evenings: Meal prep, watch something, read and sleep.

Apart from these, I have theme days.

Like Thursday’s are my shoot days, Saturdays are my socialising day, and Sunday is complete rest with no fixed agenda.