Quitting Books

Not all book are meant to be finished cover to cover. It took a long time for me to realise this.

I used to have a perpetual guilt around quitting books. I forced myself to read the entire texture, irrespective of how I felt. And I believed I wasted money if I don’t do so.

Until I realised how liberating quitting books can be. You could quit a book for multiple reasons

  1. You’ve got enough value from the book from the first few pages. Let’s admit- most non-fiction books could’ve been blog posts.

  2. You’re not in the zone to finish a book. Maybe you want to read fiction, and you’re pushing yourself read about productivity :)

  3. If the book doesn’t enrich your perspective. Just because something is published, doesn’t mean it HAS to offer value.

And numerous other reasons.

Realise this

It’s the book’s responsibilities to hold your attention and provide value. The moment it stops doing it, quit the damn book.