Quantity Vs Quality

This is an ongoing debate. I wanted to add my observations to this debate from a creator perspective.

Advantages Of Going For Quantity

  1. With deliberate practice you will get better

  2. You’re increasing your luck surface area. You have a better chance of getting discovered

  3. You form or force a routine

Advantages of Going For Quality

  1. You have fewer, but more impactful things

  2. You’re more likely to have WOM, or build a loyal base when your bar is high.

  3. You’re thorough and well-researched in your work.

Going for quantity is good for the creator/performer. They get better with time and practice.

Quality is good for the consumer. Consuming from quality sources ensures your information density is not distorted.

Of course these will vary widely based on chosen field.

For strength workouts I would go for quality reps.

For meditation I would go for quantity

For reading, I would go for quality

For writing, I would go for quantity ;)

You get the drift!