Personal Brand

How I Saw Personal Branding

I used to think personal branding as a one time activity. Have a blog, a social profile, and do good work, you would have people flocking to you!

And because I had a perception that it was a one time thing, I was perennially in search of THAT one idea, THAT moment of inspiration, and spent countless hours on ‘figuring’ out the right channel to ‘brand’ myself.

Then hit the realisation

Personal branding is never about a hammer hitting plate glass.

How I See Personal Branding Now

Personal branding is always about the power of small assets we accrue over time.

Drop by drop, until they brim out of the status quo, break the chains of inhibitions , and create a flywheel. Sure, the first act of putting things out is exciting. Everyone lines up to cheer you. Tell you how awesome you’re.

And then starts the journey of grit. The people who cheered you have moved on celebrate someone else’s first act.

You gotta keep going despite not getting ‘expected’ virality.

You gotta keep going despite your analytics nosediving every single day.

You gotta keep improving with deliberate practice despite little to no feedback from your audience.

You gotta keep going NOT because you want a personal brand. But because you love doing what you’re doing.

And KA-BOOM one fine day you have THAT one asset that’s gonna pull you through, proving that you were doing the right thing all along.