Perceptions And Values

Scenario-1- Thinking Excercise

Close your eyes and think of the last purchase(s) you made! It could be software, a car, a piece of clothing, or the vacation you booked!

Now, how many of these purchases can we rationalize without any emotional reasoning? In other words, how many of these purchases were driven by careful analysis, and objectively led to an “Answer”

In most cases, it’s ZILCH.

Scenario-2- Personal Experience

Ok, I’ll go this time. I bought an iPhone 13 Pro. While there were other phones in the market, I justified it by telling myself that I need it to shoot videos for my Youtube Channel.

And now, I plan to buy a whole bunch of things to ‘fit’ into the ecosystem.

Here’s What I Observed About Purchasing Patterns

We tend to take decisions emotionally, and justify them with rationality.