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If you like something, give it a URL.

A word doc, A drive, A notion page, A website, or a Youtube Channel. Whatever works.

Your ideas are NOT real, until you don’t put a link to them. And unlike the stone-age, there’s access to things at $0.

So what’s your reason?

I often catch myself trying to recall a random idea that occurred to me during the course of the day. And I promise myself that I’ll work on it later.

It’s 9 AM next day, KA-BOOM I realise that I don’t even remember the trace of the idea, the train of thoughts or anything remotely related to what I was thinking.

I overcome this with a simple hack

Write everything down. However stupid or trivial the idea is. Write the keywords connected to the idea.

Because we always overestimate our ability to remember things. I rather use my energy to process information, than store information.

Across personal and professional life, we’re stuck in 3 kinds of scenarios

  1. Know it- One where we know the answers. We’re confident about it, and we feel we can wing it.

  2. Clueless- We can seek answers or stay curious about various questions. Relentless questioning always leads to better outcomes. Nobody ever knows the ‘right’ answer on a consistent basis.

  3. Know-it-all- We tell ourselves we know everything and close out the opportunity to seek answers.

It’s not procrastination if you’re not able to allocate time for it.

It’s not procrastination if you’ve not blocked time to do it.

It’s not procrastination if you’re not drawing energy from an activity and doing it feels like a chore.

It’s not procrastination if you’re in the middle of a breakdown.

It’s not procrastination if you’re doing it against will.

Far too many times we press the “Try Harder” button when we’re undergoing resistance to do something. The real cause could really be something else.

Fears drives a lot of my decisions (or drive away a lot of decisions). I was always looking for an answer on “How” I can overcome my fears. I was just looking for THE magic bullet. But there’s isn’t one.

At appropriate magnification, if we choose to pay attention and decide to care, each of our fears exist for a different reasons.

We need to get in touch with them. It means looking deeper, introspecting gently and mitigating the specifics. Always ask

What’s the worst that can happen?

Because sometimes not realising the worst case stops us from acting on fears. After all, you might end up realising that the worst case isn’t that bad after all!

Don’t stop with the question! Start acting.

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Disclaimer: This is an observation from my anecdotal experiences. If you’ve serious conditions dealing with stress or mental conditions because of your fears, please get a consultation from an expert.

Are you making a choice from a point of awareness? Or from a point of ignorance/negligence?

Most of my choices have been driven by the latter.

I took engineering because I didn’t know any other “safer” option.

I held on to relationships because I didn’t know they were draining me (or I was being the sucker in a few)

I binged content because I didn’t know what else to do with my time.

I invested in conservative instruments because I didn’t know any better.

How many of your decisions are driven by awareness?

Most consumers wouldn’t even recognise that we are putting out a work that we’re 100% NOT satisfied with.

But you would. That’s the beauty and curse of being a creator. Or creating. Successful creators don’t wait until they’re 100%  satisfied.

Because they know it takes far more courage to put yourself out there, and feel great about it. With deliberate practice, your 96.5% could well become aspirational for a lot of consumers.

How I Saw Personal Branding

I used to think personal branding as a one time activity. Have a blog, a social profile, and do good work, you would have people flocking to you!

And because I had a perception that it was a one time thing, I was perennially in search of THAT one idea, THAT moment of inspiration, and spent countless hours on ‘figuring’ out the right channel to ‘brand’ myself.

Then hit the realisation

Personal branding is never about a hammer hitting plate glass.

How I See Personal Branding Now

Personal branding is always about the power of small assets we accrue over time.

Drop by drop, until they brim out of the status quo, break the chains of inhibitions , and create a flywheel. Sure, the first act of putting things out is exciting. Everyone lines up to cheer you. Tell you how awesome you’re.

And then starts the journey of grit. The people who cheered you have moved on celebrate someone else’s first act.

You gotta keep going despite not getting ‘expected’ virality.

You gotta keep going despite your analytics nosediving every single day.

You gotta keep improving with deliberate practice despite little to no feedback from your audience.

You gotta keep going NOT because you want a personal brand. But because you love doing what you’re doing.

And KA-BOOM one fine day you have THAT one asset that’s gonna pull you through, proving that you were doing the right thing all along.

I loved the book “The Art Of Thinking Clearly”. It speaks about the 99 biases we all have while taking decisions. I spoke at the 6 that resonated with me the most.

Watch it here

We love success stories. We want to replicate successful people. Successful practices. Successful frameworks. Everything successful.

Deliberate magnification will reveal how drastically different every success story can be. A classic case of outcome bias.

It arises when a decision is based on past events, without any regard to events that led to success. In fact, outcome bias deemphasises preceding events that led to a fruitful outcome.

Outcome bias plays down the HUGE role luck plays in every result.You know what you need to do the next time you’re in a ‘End state aspiration’.

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