Looking Foolish And Being Successful

Embarrassing firsts in one of the most read posts from my blog. Something that often weighs us down when we want to start doing something is the fear of looking foolish.

Have you ever noticed how people become all the more conscious when they do something for the first few times? I bet you’ve been in the shoe multiple times!

Image by Brett Jordan

Here’s my take

A huge obstacleNOT doing something new or uncomfortable is the fear of looking foolish.

Failing and looking foolish is how we learn. Somehow adults have told themselves that looking foolish is a bad thing. And this stops us from exploring and trying anything that will make us look foolish. Or amateurish.

A lot of unfair advantages in life is built by looking foolish in the short term.

For example, a lot of creators who went ‘all-in’ during the lockdown appear to be prospering and make people who took a cautious approach to create seem foolish. Only the creators properly positioned can take advantage when all the hype settles down. And the ones succeeding are the ones who believed in the slow burn and looked foolish in the short term.