Looking Back At 2022

I wanted to jump onto the reflection bandwagon and speak about 9 things I realized or practiced this year.

  1. You can never understand people, you can only make them feel heard. So stop saying “I understand”. You don’t! You’re not the one in their shoes :). Make them feel heard.

  2. When people rant, don’t give opinions. When people are ranting, they’re NEVER looking for a solution. They’re looking for someone who will make them feel heard. Validate if you can. Else just hear them out.

  3. You have far lesser friends than you think. Most people are with you for the ride to have fun or convenience. Real friends are the ones who stand by you when you really don’t have anything to offer in return.

  4. We need people who question our assumptions. I used to get agitated when someone questioned a decision of mine. I came to realize that the more someone questions your assumptions, the more you uncover blind spots.

  5. Family comes first. Always- Not matter how big your social circle, no matter how much money you have, and no matter what- your family will always remain your #1 cheerleader. They will stand by you no matter what. Cherish every moment you spend with them.

  6. It’s okay to say “I don’t know”– We’re brought up in a culture where ‘know-it-all’ is glorified. It’s stupid. It’s reasonable to have no opinion on things that you haven’t done enough research on.

  7. It’s okay to change your opinions. In fact, changing opinions should be seen as a sign of strength and courage. We form opinions based on biases and exposure we have at a particular point in time. It’s okay for the opinion to change if you get materials that disprove what you earlier believed.

  8. Spending stuff on yourself is an investment- Therapy, courses, Gym memberships, app subscriptions, books, travel, and experiences- these are NOT expenditures. These are investments.

  9. Have fun. If you’re not having fun doing something, quit it right away. Life’s too short to do stuff that’s not fun.

Photo by Patrick T'Kindt on Unsplash