It's A Question. Not A Test

Questions are often seen as a scale to test your skill. It’s a chance to show how good you’re at a subject.

We’ve been trained to answer questions the right way. Rather I prided myself in knowing the answer to any question thrown at me. Nothing wrong with it at face value.

But things start when we use answering questions as a benchmark to test our intelligence.

A job interview, a podcast interview, a sales call, or an office meeting.. if we take the approach that it is a test, and there’s ONLY one right answer, we’re not actively engaging or taking an effort to move forward.

Instead, we could use questions as opportunity to learn. See more deeply. Introspect and reflect. And ensure we ease tensions, and make the other person feel heard.

Questions are prompts to change our minds and learn something. It’s not always a test to get things right.

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