Fears- What I Do With Them?

Fears drives a lot of my decisions (or drive away a lot of decisions). I was always looking for an answer on “How” I can overcome my fears. I was just looking for THE magic bullet. But there’s isn’t one.

At appropriate magnification, if we choose to pay attention and decide to care, each of our fears exist for a different reasons.

We need to get in touch with them. It means looking deeper, introspecting gently and mitigating the specifics. Always ask

What’s the worst that can happen?

Because sometimes not realising the worst case stops us from acting on fears. After all, you might end up realising that the worst case isn’t that bad after all!

Don’t stop with the question! Start acting.

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Disclaimer: This is an observation from my anecdotal experiences. If you’ve serious conditions dealing with stress or mental conditions because of your fears, please get a consultation from an expert.