Doers, Perfectionists And Complainers

I’ve seen 3 types of creators. Doers. Perfectionists. Complainers.

Doers share their work.

Sharing your work is scary. It’s like you’re venturing into an unknown territory, making yourself susceptible to judgement. But that’s the only way a creator can grow their audience. They don’t wait for the right ‘moment’ to get started.

Perfectionists are hoarders

Perfectionists get caught in finding the ‘perfect’ version of their work. They over index on it.

If they had only stopped tinkering along the way, and taken the leap of faith.

Not publishing your work feels safe and comfortable. But it has a huge cost-your ideas never help the intended purpose (even if you’re publishing for your own comfort).

Complainers keep yapping

These are people who always “have” ideas, “want” to publish, but never get around doing it. They want “big” things from Day-1. You will see these people telling you

What do you want?

You could be any one of these. And that’s perfectly fine.

If your goal is to “Create”, do yourself a big favour by sharing your work.

If not, move on! Maybe it’s not the right time. Or you aren’t in the right frame of mind. Come back to it.